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Chase Utley to Disabled List: Who Should You Get to Replace Him?

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ESPN is reporting that Chase Utley has been placed on the disabled list by the Phillies. I'm not sure that there's a player here that you can get to replace even a partial portion of the production that Utley was expected to give you.

Does this drop him in the 2B rankings for the rest of the season? Probably, but until he has the MRI on Tuesday and we can get a better idea of how long he will be out.

The Phillies also placed Placido Polanco on the disabled list, so that option to replace him is out as well.

Second basemen owned in under 25% of ESPN leagues who could provide some values:

Freddy Sanchez (21%)
Clint Barmes (7%)
Sean Rodriguez (22.6%)
Kevin Frandsen (3.2%)
Reid Brignac (2.7%)

Blech. Hopefully you can find someone to at least provide a positive value at the position. Clearly, 2B has become a lot more shallow in the last week than it had already been.