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Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Second Baseman Rankings

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Below you will find the compiled chart of our second baseman rankings. I'll tell you now it was a murky, murky group and while each of us only ranked 20 players, 27 different names (and it could have been more) made the list, which certainly says something.

These rankings were done Sunday evening by most of us, so bear that in mind when considering Dustin Pedroia

Rank Player Ray Jason Brian Seth Average
1 Robinson Cano 1 1 1 1 1
2 Chase Utley 2 2 2 2 2
3 Brandon Phillips 3 3 3 3 3
4 Ben Zobrist 5 6 4 5 5
5 Dan Uggla 6 4 11 4 6.25
6 Martin Prado 7 5 9 6 6.75
7 Ian Kinsler 9 7 6 7 7.25
8 Rickie Weeks 4 12 5 14 8.75
9 Dustin Pedroia 15 8 7 8 9.5
10 Howie Kendrick 10 9 8 15 10.5
11 Aaron Hill 8 19 13 9 12.25
12 Juan Uribe 11 14 16 10 12.75
13 Kelly Johnson 16 NR 12 11 15
14 Ian Stewart NR 18 10 12 15.25
15 Casey McGehee NR 11 18 13 15.75
16 Ryan Theriot 14 10 20 NR 16.25
17 Orlando Hudson 19 13 NR 16 17.25
T-18 Ty Wiggington 12 NR 19 18 17.5
T-18 Gordon Beckham 17 17 15 NR 17.5
20 Chone Figgins NR 16 17 19 18.25
21 Placido Polanco NR 15 NR 17 18.5
22 Carlos Guillen 13 NR NR NR 19
23 Jose Lopez NR NR 14 NR 19.25
24 Neil Walker 18 NR NR NR 20.25
T-25 Ian Desmond NR 20 NR NR 20.75
T-25 Alberto Callaspo NR NR NR 20 20.75
T-25 Christian Guzman 20 NR NR NR 20.75

As you can see, the whole chart is pretty ugly, a lot of differing opinions at second base. I think first I would like to mention a few players who did not make anyone's list.

First off: Brian Roberts. I've heard Roberts may be returning in 4-5 weeks, yet he still doesn't make the top 20. I can't speak for everyone else, but for me, we still have no clue when Roberts will actually return to the field. He's relatively old and has continually had setback after setback this season. Just not worth using up a bench/DL spot on him with potentially no end in sight. 

Next up is Freddy Sanchez. I think Sanchez is worthy of being owned in many leagues--he posts a high average and has done it for some years now. Similar to Callaspo, my No. 20 player, but I kept Callaspo above him because of his slightly additional pop. 

Last one is Sean Rodriguez. Rodriguez is really picking it up and as a result is seeing more playing time. If you are searching for power/RBIs and can afford to lose BA, then Rodriguez moves up the list. 

As far as Pedroia is concerned, I ranked him as if playing in a 10 or 12-team mixed league. This matters here--my feeling is that if you lost Pedroia, filling in any of the guys at the bottom of this list for 5-6 weeks isn't all that different than the mid-range players like Theriot, Stewart or McGehee. So while you might lose production for that time, it will be more than made up for when Pedroia (hopefully) returns. Note that this is a fairly optimistic approach, I certainly understand Ray's thinking in ranking Pedroia 15th, he could be out longer than we think. 

Interestingly everyone ranked Cano over Utley, I was guessing at least one person would have stuck with Chase. I'm assuming most of us were scared enough of Utley possibly playing hurt that it sealed the deal for Cano. 

As mentioned previously, there were definitely some differing opinions. We'd love to hear readers' thoughts on some of the more polarizing selections like Rickie Weeks, Kelly Johnson, Aaron Hill and Ryan Theriot. I'll add Gordon Beckham to the list because while I was the only one to not rank him, he wasn't even close to making the top 20 for me. Maybe it's just a person vendetta though after how bad he burned me this year.