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MLB Trade Rumors: Houston, We Are Open For Business

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Late Sunday afternoon, the Astros announced they were promoting top prospect, catcher Jason Castro, along with third baseman Chris Johnson and outfielder Jason Bourgeois. GM Ed Wade announced that Castro would be his everyday catcher, but is not the saviour for the floundering team. Wade announced that Johnson would be in the mix as a regular at third base. With the way Pedro Feliz is hitting, Johnson can't be much worse.

Then on Monday, Astros owner Drayton McLane, a man who rarely admits defeat, admitted that the team needed to go in a different direction and rebuild. He also admitted that he would be willing to take on some of the salary of players the Astros trade in return for better prospects.

That tells me that the Astros are ready to deal Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman, Pedro Feliz, Jeff Keppinger and Michael Bourn. Why not. right? McLane should have made this decision last season and could have saved the team at least the $15 million they paid set up man Brandon Lyon.

There will be plenty of teams looking to deal for Roy Oswalt's services lead by the Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, Reds and possibly the Cardinals. Teams dealing for Oswalt will have to take on some of the remaining $7-8 million of his 2010 salary and $16 million of his 2011 salary, and at least the $2 million buyout of his 2012 option year. I already discussed a possible deal to the Reds here, and will throw out a few possible trade scenarios here:

Mets-Fernando Martinez


Dodgers-Chris Withrow or Dee Gordon

Reds-wrote about them here

I will write about the possible suitors for Lance Berkman on Thursday.