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Minor League Choose-em: Who do you want at the hot-corner?

Here is a quick minor league comparison question for you all. In terms of what you would be looking for to slot someone to take over your third base duties in the near future, which player would you prefer assuming you are in a keeper league? These statistics are from 2010 only. Each player is a member of a terrible MLB franchise so there is no one blocking them.

Player A: 51 Games / .348 Ave. / .417 OBP / .702 SLG / 17 HR / 63 RBI / 19 Doubles

Player B: 66 Games / .277 Ave. / .363 OBP / .533 SLG / 13 HR / 53 RBI / 15 Doubles

Player A is playing in AA and is 21 Years old. This player was selected #2 overall in the 2007 draft as a short stop and eventually moved to third base to better suit his large frame (230 lbs. @ 5'11")

Player B was just called up and is 23 years old - he compiled the above statistics in AAA. He was selected #2 overall in the 2008 draft.

I am sure player B is fairly obvious and player A should be also with a tiny bit of detective work - I am wonder which performance would prompt you to jump onthe bandwagon and dub player A or player B as the guy you want to man the hot-corner for your fantasy team 3 years from now.

We will talk more about the players and profile them briefly in a post tomorrow.