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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Oswalt To The Reds?

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I was listening to XM 175 recently and heard Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy speculating where Roy Oswalt will be traded this season. They talked about a proposed deal that would send Roy Oswalt to the Reds for Homer Bailey.

I am not sure Bailey would be enough, and he is currently shut down indefinitely, so how about AAA outfielder/infielder Todd Frazier and AAA first base prospect Yonder Alonso to the Astros for Roy Oswalt? Bailey could benefit from a change in scenery, and Alonso is blocked by Reds first baseman Joey Votto.

Alonso is currently playing some left field for Reds AAA affiliate Lousville, but is not hitting for the power that they expected of him when they drafted him in the 2008 draft. Alonso started the 2010 season at AA Carolina and was promoted to AAA after going 3-13-4-.267-.388-.406 in 101 at bats at Carolina. He had a impressive 16/19 K/BB ratio at AA Carolina.

At AAA Louisville, Alonso is struggling to the tune of 2-18-2-.237-.293-.348- in 135 at bats, and has a 23/10 K/BB ratio. Its obvious Alonso is struggling at AAA, and like I said before, his power is nowhere to be found. Alonso had wrist surgery in 2009 which is probably affecting his power at the moment, but one would think the power should come around by the end of the 2010 minor league season.

Its also possible that the position switch to left field may be affecting him at the plate as well. He has played 13 of his 34 AAA games in left field this season. Should the Astros eventually deal Lance Berkman, Alonso could move to his more preferred position at first base.

Frazier was the Reds #1 prospect, as ranked by Baseball America, coming into the 2010 season, but, like Alonso, he is also struggling at AAA Louisville. Frazier is currently hitting 7-23-1-.211-.278-.373 with a 55/16 K/BB ratio. In 2009, Frazier hit .292-.351-.481 between AA and AAA with 16 HRs, 77 RBIs and 45 doubles, so the guy can hit. He just hasn't shown it this year yet.

Oswalt would slot in as the #1 starter in the Reds rotation and allow the Reds to limit Mike Leake's innings later in the year. He would also help the Reds in their attempt to win the NL Central for the first time in many years.