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Fantasy Baseball Trade Offer for Albert Pujols

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One of the owners in one of my NL-only leagues (the 30 round draft I wrote about a few times) is offering Albert Pujols in search of pitching. I am currently in 3rd place in this league, my first year in the league, and am looking to deal one of my ptichers for some speed, but with Pujols available, I decided to make an offer.

My pitching staff looks like this:

Chad Billingsley

Mat Latos

Carlos Silva

Hiroki Kuroda

Mike Leake

Jonathan Sanchez

Ryan Franklin

Manny Corpas

Aaron Heilman

Of my 59.50 points, my pitching has contributed 36.5 points thus far, and I have Ryan Madson, Drew Storen, Mike Adams and Edison Volquez on IR or my bench. Volquez is expected back after the All Star break, and Storen and Adams could be closing within the next few months.

My hitters include the following:

Nick Hundley

Ryan Howard

Craig Counsell

Stephen Drew

Casey Blake

Blake Dewitt

Pedro Alvarez-I activated him this week assuming he gets the call up

Jay Bruce

Carlos Gonzalez

Manny Ramirez

Justin Upton

Colby Rasmus

Seth Smth

Jose Tabata

Here is my offer for Albert:

Mat Latos

Chad Billingsley

Casey Blake


Albert Pujols

Joe Blanton

Luis Atilano

Am I giving up enough for Pujols, or is this a fair offer?