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CBSSports Fake Teams Mixed League Standings Update: Week 9

Well, the Fake Teams mixed league squad is heading in the wrong direction in the last few weeks. I am still in 11th place, but my total points are dropping every week it seems. I may start dealing just to see if I can make a dent in the standings. Then again, I am 21 points out of 8th place.

Here are the standings as of Sunday June 13th:

Mothers 97.5  
RotoTweets 79.5  
Doucher 78.5  
Goats 77.5  
Peluso 74.0  
Sickler 70.0  
ElGoodo 66.5  
AngryNerds 63.5  
Henson 49.0  
FakeTeams 41.5  
Ramy 40.5


As I stated in my update on May 23rd, I have several guys underperforming their draft day expectations, including Adam Lind, Aramis Ramirez, Jacoby Ellsbury and Mark Reynolds. I expected Lind to continue to hit like he did in his 2009 breakout season. Ellsbury and Ramirez are underperforming due to injury, and Reynolds has stopped stealing bases.

On the pitching side, Jake Peavy has had an up and down season pitching in US Cellular, but does flash some of the unhittable Peavy from two years ago. John Lackey and Ben Sheets seems to have turned their seasons around of late, and I am hoping they can keep it up. Experts who were calling for Clayton Kershaw's performance to drop off in 2010 were a bit premature, as he is 6-3 with a 3.13 ERA and 1.30 WHIP, to go along with his 90 strikeouts in 77+ innings.

I recently picked up Buster Posey and Pedro Alvarez off the waiver wire hoping they can spark my hitters, and am considering dealing Adam Lind for Cole Hamels. We'll see where these moves take me over the next few weeks.

I welcome comments from the other owners in the league.

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