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Fantasy Baseball: Ice Cold Hitters

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Earlier this week I posted a story about red-hot players and whether they would keep it up. Consider today’s article the opposite.

Using the PR15 on ESPN I’m looking at batters that are owned in a decent amount of leagues (I only used players that are owned in my 12-team mixed league) and have been brutal on their owners the past two weeks.

Adam LaRoche, 1B

I like LaRoche and he’s been dropped in quite a few leagues out there. There are some troubling signs—like an increased K-rate—but I’m still a believer. His LD% is down and he hit 25 HRs in each of the last two years. His HR/FB percentage is at a career-low and he’s in a good ballpark so no reason to think he can’t pick up his power again.

Starlin Castro, SS

Earlier in the year I needed a shortstop in a league and I thought he would hit for average and steal some bags. Now it doesn’t look the speed is going to translate. He might hit for average, but if that’s all you’re after I’d rather have Christian Guzman than Castro, he’s going to have a higher BA and has proved it before. Would rather have Marco Scutaro or Orlando Cabrera over him too.

Matt Wieters, C

Buster Olney said on the Fantasy Focus podcast today that scouts are saying Wieters isn’t even catching up to fastballs right now. This is a tough call because everyone believes Wieters will go crazy some day soon—it’s just a matter of when. Perfect player for the bench for that reason and I would rather start Posey or Santana in front of him right now, in that order.

Chase Utley, 2B

The whole Phillies lineup is in a funk. He’ll be fine.

Raul Ibanez, OF

Ibanez is old. He just turned 38 (happy birthday Raul) but his age is not going to help his bat speed, which he believes to be the problem. I know he hit 34 home runs last year, but I don’t think he’s going to find his power stroke again.

Billy Butler, 1B

The average is great he just needs to chip in the home runs. I think it will come around, though not all the way. The fact that the beginning of the Royals lineup actually isn’t too bad is a good thing for his RBI numbers. If you own Butler, don’t fret too much.