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Fantasy Baseball: Is Stephen Strasburg A Top 5 Pick in 2011??

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Top 5? You're kidding, right?
Top 5? You're kidding, right?

I was reading Dalton Del Don's article over at Rotosynthesis on Thursday morning and was surprised to read that he thinks Stephen Strasburg will be a Top 5 pick in 2011 drafts next year. Here is his quote:

In 2011 fantasy drafts, my guess at Stephen Strasburg’s ADP is around 5.0.

I think I can name 10 guys i would take before Strasburg next season. Pujols, Cabrera, Halladay, Kemp, Utley, and Braun to name a few.

Del Don also had this to say about Strasburg:

If given a choice for a Game 7 starter in the World Series, Roy Halladay is probably the safest pick, and it’s tough to argue with how Cliff Lee has pitched this season, but it’s really hard not to consider Strasburg one of the three or four best pitchers in MLB already.

Really? After one start? Let's see him pitch against a better lineup than the Pirates before we annoint him one of the top three or four best pitchers in baseball. Strasburg hasn't pitched against the Phillies, Dodgers, Reds or Cardinals yet.

And I say this as a Strasburg owner in an NL-only keeper league. I drafted him in my long-time NL-keeper league with the thought of pushing his price up, but when I bid $14, I heard crickets. I actually went into the draft thinking I would play for 2011 after winning the league 3 of the last 4 years. I hope he can continue to dominate like he did on Tuesday night just like any other fantasy owner.

I am not saying Strasburg won't be one of the best starting pitchers in baseball this year or next. I just think it is too soon to project him as a Top 5 pick in 2011 drafts. Plus, I am not one to draft starting pitchers that early in a draft, especially considering as of today there are 35 pitchers with an ERA of 3.20 or lower. I like to draft power in the early rounds in my drafts.