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CBSSports Fake Teams Mixed League Standings Update: Week 7

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I have to apologize for not posting the weekly standings for the Fake Teams Mixed League on a weekly basis. Fake Teams is struggling mightily in this league, as we have several guys underperforming. More on that later. 

Here are the standings as of Saturday May 23rd:

Mothers 91.0  
RotoTweets 86.0  
Doucher 77.5  
Goats 73.5  
ElGoodo 70.0  
Sickler 69.5  
AngryNerds 62.5  
Henson 60.0  
Peluso 50.5  
FakeTeams 48.0  
Ramy 35.5  


I drafted Mark Reynolds assuming he would give me a 35-20 season. He is hitting for power, but has only 3 SBs to date. Another underperformer is outfielder Carlos Lee. I am beginning to worry that he may not return to being a .300 hitter. Aramis Ramirez and Adam Lind have also underperformed expectations, as ARam is battling multiple injuries, and Lind is hitting 7-23-.225 after his breakout season in 2009.

I welcome comments from the other owners in the league.

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