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Fantasy Baseball: Sunday Morning Roster Noise

Here are a few interesting points after catching up on Saturday's MLB news this morning:

After yet another bullpen blowup in Arizona, is it possible the DBacks could be looking to make a switch at the closer role? Here is what Nick Pecoro from the Arizona Republic had to say:

A day after the relievers who were expected to be his two best this season - Juan Gutierrez and Chad Qualls - gave up runs in a devastating loss, Hinch said that "all bets are off" when it comes to relief roles.

"You reach the point to where you've got to go with the hot hand," Hinch said. "I'm trying to figure out who the hot hand is at this point."

The lone hot hand would probably be reliever Aaron Heilman, who hasn't allowed a run in his past 10 appearances. No one else has shown consistency.

Aaron Heilman? Wow. Time will tell.

From the Rockies SB Nation site-Purple Row-comes info on what happened in Huston Street's 5 pitch rehab outing last night. He struck out the first hitter he faced on 3 pitches, then after his 2nd pitch to the next hitter, he motioned for the dugout trainer to come out. He was promptly taken out of the game. Not a good sign. Like i said in the Roundup this morning, Manny Corpass value has increased many fold.

With Andre Ethier getting scratched last night came word that Dodgers AAA outfielder Xavier Paul was pulled in the 3rd inning of the Albuquerque game. Coincidence. I think not. I see Paul getting the call up sometime today after Ethier's gets looked at by Dodgers doctors.

After Saturday's game, Detroit sent struggling youngsters Max Scherzer and Scott Sizemore to AAA. It appears Scherzer could be back fairly quickly, after reading comments from Tiger's GM Dave Dombrowski, who said Scherzer needs to work on his command and changeup. With Sizemore, it could be a different story, after reading these comments from John Lowe from the Detroit Free Press:

It’s not clear when Sizemore will return to play second every day, or how room will be made for him. For the rest of this season, at least, there does not seem to be room for Brennan Boesch, Sizemore and Guillen all in lineup. Johnny Damon’s and Magglio Ordoñez’s contracts expire after this season, and that could change the equation for next season.

Finally, there is word that the Giant's first baseman Aubrey Huff is willing to move to the outfield should the Giants want to promote Buster Posey to play first base. This could happen soon if Mark Derosa ends up on the DL.