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Mixed League Trade

In my main league I made a trade yesterday that I've been working on for about a week. 5x5 rotisserie, 10 teams, 7 keepers. This league is interesting because you only have 5 active SP, in an effort to reflect a real rotation. I'm currently in 3rd. My rotation is Felix, Ubaldo, Wandy-Rod, Hughes, and Ricky Romero. I also have Kazmir and Brett Cecil reserved (they cannot enter the rotation unless I outright drop or trade one of my other starters). Though my rotation is doing well thus far, I decided to go after Cliff Lee for some stability. I ended up trading Hughes, Cecil, and a 5th round pick next season (essentially 12th because of the keepers) for Lee. I may have given up too much, but hear me out. Hughes' ceiling is certainly higher than Lee's, but it's almost a lock, IMO, that Lee will outperform him this year. As for keeper potential, I'd say it's about even. Lee is a FA after this year, and if he goes back to the NL, he could be in for a very big, Halladay-esque season.