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Fantasy Baseball: Prospect Nuggets from ESPN/BP Chats

Here are some prospect Q & A from yesterday's chats with Keith Law at ESPN and Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus, along with some Top 101 Prospect notes from Goldstein:


If Bryce Harper were in minor leagues now, would he be a top 20 prospect? Top 10? Also, is it reasonable to project him reaching majors by mid-2012? Thanks

Keith Law

Top 20 for sure. Top 10 ... maybe. Hard to put a 17-year-old in the context of that list without being able to say "he was the youngest guy in full-season ball" or something. Mid-2012 is really aggressive.

 He will be very hyped come June 2010.

Keith Law

Bud in Manasquan: I'm not really sure what you're asking, but if you live near Lakewood, go see them when Jarred Cosart pitches. Apparently he's added a lot of velocity - I just heard he held 95-96 in a late-March start - and he might be the second-best prospect in that system all of a sudden.

 Cosart is a pitcher in the Phillies system, and one to watch if he is their 2nd best prospect even after the deal that brought them Tyson Gillies and Philippe Aumont from Seattle in the Cliff Lee trade.

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What are your thought on the Dodgers fastracking Dee Gordon to Double A?


Mixed. I don't really think it's going to hurt him, but I see him as a one-level-at-a-time guy right now. He's still pretty slight physically and I didn't see an advanced approach that screamed out for a jump to the better pitching of AA.

I read an interview with Dejon Watson, or was it Logan White, where he said that LA views a jump from Low-A to AA as nornal progression for a top prospect.


Keith, on the heels of that Dee Gordon question, Jaff Decker seems like a guy whose approach would justify skipping a level to AA. Are the Pads just going to let him rake in the Cal League all season or is he a guy better served by facing more experienced pitching?


If he rakes in the Cal League I bet he's in AA by June 1st

Decker is nursing a hamstring injury and may not be back till the end of April.

iorg34 (Iowa): First to pitch 200 MLB innings and the first to receive a Cy Young vote: Friedrich, Withrow, Simon Castro

Kevin Goldstein: Friedrich; Withrow.

Simon Castro was another pitcher I was targeting in the second round of the UBA MLD draft, but he was selected in the mid-second round before I got to pick.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): How good is Wilson Ramos? If you were the Twins would you trade him, and when does he have the highest value? Does time in AAA enhance his value or just add risk that he gets injured again or gets exposed?

Kevin Goldstein: He's very good. Now, as to when to maximize his value on the trade market, that's a more complex question. Does time in AAA enhance his value? Some would even ask if a year in the big leagues as Mauer's backup would enhance his value. It's a tough call, but he's probably the most blocked good prospect in the minors.

Ramos could be used in a package to the Padres for Heath Bell.

22. Christian Friedrich, LHP, Rockies

Opening Day: Double-A Tulsa. There’s no reason he can't dominate here like he did at both A-ball stops last season. If he does, he gets a big-league look at some point.

26. Aaron Hicks, of, Twins

Opening Day: Low-A Beloit. The Twins are notoriously cautious with their prospects, so Hicks will repeat at Low-A, looking to build on his .251/.353/.382 showing of last year.

40. Chris Withrow, RHP, Dodgers

Opening Day: Double-A Chattanooga. One of the talks of the Dodgers' camp this spring, Withrow could probably help the major-league bullpen right now, but they'll stick to his starter development.

43. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B, Indians

Opening Day: Double-A Akron. Chisenhall had a good camp, including a home run off the Reds' Homer Bailey in last weekend's major-league exhibition games. The Indians hope he's their third baseman next year.