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Minor League Season Opens Today

The minor league season opens today for all the full season leagues. The will be daily updates for a good number of players. I anticipate the updates to be fairly fluid as players get called up and sent down from the bigs. Please answer the poll below to help us provide content in the way that you would like to see it.

As the updates start, please give any and all feedback so we can make adjustments and improvements where necessary.

The idea now is that each Monday will have the same players, each Tuesday will have the same players, etc. so that each day of the week presents a different set of players with their respective update from the past week of action. My question to you is regarding the format - would you rather have:

1. More players each day with just statistics presented from the previous week , OR

2. Less players with weekly stats update and a short write-up or summary of the action for them?

Vote in the poll and let us know.