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Fantasy Baseball: UBA League NL-Only 4 x 4 League Draft Strategy

Tonight, I have my 5th and last draft of the 2010 season in NYC. In this draft, I will be using a draft strategy I have not used yet. I will be drafting for the 2011 season, not the 2010 season, as this league is a keeper league. I have previously written about my off-season bail deals here.

My strategy is not one many would take, yet another owner in this league is also playing for 2011. He goes into the draft with 3 keepers and $243 to spend at the draft, and I go in with 5 keepers and $242 to spend at the draft. It is no secret I will be bidding on the top players available in the draft. Among the players available include:

Albert Pujols

Ryan Howard

Mark Reynolds

Roy Halladay

Cole Hamels

Jose Reyes

Jimmy Rollins

Adam Dunn

Michael Bourn

Aramis Ramirez

David Wright

Johan Santana

Quite an All-Star team huh? There are other quality players available in the draft, but this list gives you an idea as to some of the guys I will be targeting, and looking to deal for the best offer a few months into the season. The other owners in the league are well aware of the type of players I will be targeting in post-draft trades. Actually, there is one owner who is probably NOT looking forward to the draft finishing as I did quite a good job badgering him this offseason for one certain player whose name was all over the baseball news on Monday night and Tuesday morning. A hint: he hit a HR in his first major league at bat. I am not sure if he will deal him this season, but I will certainly give it a shot.

In addition to having $242 available to spend at the draft ( out of $260), here is my list of keepers:

Kyle Blanks-$5 S1

Mat Latos-$10 S1

Blake Dewitt-$1 S1

John Smoltz-$1 L0

Clayton Richard-$1 L0

Farm Players: Michael Stanton, Domonic Brown, Jose Tabata, Yonder Alonso and Andrew Lambo

I have 7 picks in the two round minor league draft that follows the auction draft, with the following picks-2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 23, and 24. Stephen Strasburg will be the first player taken in the minor league draft, but I will be taking a few of his teammates in AA.

I will post the results of my draft on Thursday at some point, as I won't get home from this draft until after midnight.