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Down On The Farm: ESPN Prospect Chat With Keith Law

Here are some nuggets from Keith Law's chat on ESPN on Friday afternoon:


Matt (Chicago)

Has your assessment of Colvin changed, based on his ephemeral ST performance? I'm guessing you still view him as , at best, a 4th OF with poor plate discipline.

  (3:07 PM)

I don't change any views based on spring performances - spring looks, perhaps, but not such a tiny sample against inconsistent competition - and no, Colvin's still a 4th outfielder to me. Can't really play CF, won't get on base enough to play a corner.

How long does he stay up with the big team this year?

Jason (St Louis)

I know you are very high on Matusz. In your opinion are the projections a little conservative? I see him having fantastic advanced metric stats but a real low win total due to playing in the AL East. Are 185 strikeouts and 1.20 whip out of the question?

  (3:14 PM)

f he's healthy and not under a tight innings cap, I wouldn't be shocked to see 200 strikeouts.

A scout told Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus that Matusz was one of the best pitchers he had seen all spring. All pitchers.

More after the jump: 


Tim (Scottsdale)

What are your thoughts on Baumgartner? The giants dont seem worried about the velocity loss saying it will come back when his mechanics are right. The spring numbers certainly didnt impress anyone yet at the same time he is only 20. Should Giant fans be concerned?

  (3:32 PM)

Yes. The "he is only 20" line works for bad command, or a below-average changeup, not for sudden velocity loss.

So how good is the Giants system now?

fourfingerwoo (Ohio)

Jaff Decker, if he repeats at A+/AA this year what he did at the plate in 2009. Where do you see him finishing the 2011 season.

  (3:38 PM)

If he does that, he'll finish 2011 in the majors.

Fourfingerwoo-is that you?? Scratch Mike Leake, add Jaff Decker.

Stephen (La MEsa, CA)

I know you've long been a proponent of moving Logan Forsythe to Catcher. While it doesn't seem like the Padres will do it, they did try him at 2B this spring. Did you seem him play there? What are your thoughts on the move?

  (3:41 PM)

Didn't see him, but I know the Padres' people were floored by how easily he took to it. I can believe that based on what I saw of him at third in the past.

That Padres system might be moving up the rankings in 2010.