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Fantasy Baseball: Monday's Roto Roundup

Is it me or is ESPN turning into the NFL Network2? Every time I turn on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio, they are talking football. Even on my drive home, they were talking football. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, they are talking football.

Here are my thoughts after reviewing Monday's boxscores:

The Cardinals placed Felipe Lopez landed on the DL after his elbow started screaming after pitching two innings in the Cardinals 20 inning game vs the Mets just over a week ago. The Cardinals called up Tyler Greene to replace Lopez.

The Rockies placed Brad Hawpe on the DL over the weekend, and Seth Smith will be the biggest beneficiary. He responded with two HRs on Sunday. They called up Eric Young Jr. to take his spot in the roster, and he has responded with 2 pinch hits, a SB and a run scored.

The Phillies signed first baseman Ryan Howard to a 5-year, $125 million extension. A couple thoughts on this contract: 1) The Cardinals better get ready to offer Albert Pujols at least $30 million per year. Could he get MLB's first $300 million contract?, 2) This contract again raises the question as to why the Philies couldn't afford keeping Cliff Lee in 2010 at $9 million, and 3) Jayson Werth better stay healthy and have a solid year, because the Phillies aren't signing him long-term with all these long term contracts on their books, and Domonic Brown playing well in AA Reading.

Red Sox starter Josh Beckett lasted only 3 innings on Monday, giving up 8 runs on 9 hits and 3 walks vs the Blue Jays. His ERA is over 7 now. At some point the solid pitching/solid defense strategy will pay off for Theo Epstein.

The Nationals batted Christian Guzman in the 3rd spot in the lineup vs the Cubs behind Nyjer Morgan and Ian Desmond. Guzman went 0-5, but Morgan and Desmond responded with 2 hits apiece.

Marlins starter Josh Johnson struck 12 Padres in his complete game win on Monday. He gave up just one run on 3 hits and one walk. He is back to his dominating form and his ERA is down in the low 3's now.

Dan Uggla went 2-5 with his 5th HR and drove in 3 runs in the Marlins 10-1 win over the Padres. Uggla is now hitting .329-.395-.605 on the season.

Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan was 1-5 on Monday and is now hitting .157-.203-.157 on the season. After AA outfielder Mike Stanton hit 3 HRs on Monday afternoon (he also hit 2 HRs on Sunday), the Marlins may consider bringing Stanton up come early June if Coghlan doesn't start hitting.

Rangers closer Neftali Feliz entered a tie game Monday night and proceeded to give up HRs to Brandon Inge and Miguel Cabrera. Frank Francisco threw a scoreless 8th inning. Feliz will have to redeem himself in his next outing if he wants to keep the closer job.

Miguel Cabrera went 3-5 with his 5th HR of the season. He is hitting .363-.446-.663 on the season. So much for the alcohol concerns with Miggy.