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Down On The Farm: Bryce Harper Update From Kevin Goldstein

Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus has a Future Shock article about Bryce Harper. Here is how he opened the article:

Coming into this spring, Bryce Harper was universally seen as the top player in the draft, but the chances of Washington taking him with the first pick were initially handicapped as a 50/50 proposition. Harper's performance so far at the College of Southern Nevada has changed those chances significantly, as he's basically given the Nationals no excuse to pass on him by batting .401/.494/.866 with wood bats in a junior college league at the age of 17. He's crushed 17 home runs (the team has just 45) in 142 at-bats, drawn 26 walks, and even stolen 13 bases in 15 attempts while playing catcher, third base, and some center field.

Wow. He's raking against older competition.

Goldstein then gets into some questions about Harper's contract demands and his makeup. Head on over to check out the questions about Harper heading into the June MLB draft.