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Fantasy Baseball: NL-Only League Trade

I drafted a pitching heavy team in my big NL-only league a few weeks ago. I drafted Clayton Kershaw in the 5th round, Ricky Nolasco in the 6th round, Josh Johnson in the 7th round (I couldn't pass him up that late), and Tim Hudson in the 12th round. So, my offense was a bit weak.

Yesterday, I made a 10 player deal with an owner who absolutely loves pitchers. Every year, he drafts power hitters and speed guys for a nice balanced offense, and if the power hitters start the season off slow, he deals them for pitching, resorting to a pitching heavy, speed and BA heavy team.

So, when he emailed me this morning asking me if I had interest in Prince Fielder and Carlos Lee, I jumped at it. Here is the deal we made:

I traded: Josh Johnson, Matt Lindstrom, Andrew McCutchen, Christian Guzman and Ramon Hernandez

I get-Prince Fielder, Carlos Lee, Kaz Matsui, Manny Parra and Jamie Moyer

This deal leaves me with a power heavy lineup with Geovany Soto, Prince Fielder, Ryan Zimmerman, Troy Glaus, Carlos Lee, Kyle Blanks, Jay Bruce, Ryan Braun, Jonny Gomes, and Xavier Nady. My only speed guy is Everth Cabrera. I think Lee will start hitting with Lance Berkman returning to the Astros lineup on Tuesday, and Fielder will hit close to 40 bombs this season. There is a bit of risk in this deal with the possibility that Fielder is traded to an AL team this season.

I also give up one of my two closers, the other being Franklin Morales, but I think I can deal for a closer later in the season. Plus, Brandon Lyon could take the closer job away from Lindstrom at some point this season.It was tough to deal Johnson and McCutchen, but I think Lee and Fielder were worth the price.

This league has an innings minimum of 1.100 innings, so I am thinking about trading for speed guys and closers at the trade deadline to see if I can end the season with an offensive heavy team and an all reliever pitching staff. That could change if I can land Stephen Strasburg or Aroldis Chapman when they are called up.

How did I do with the trade?