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Down OnThe Farm: Who Gets The Call First??

ESPN's Buster Olney wrote on Saturday that Rangers first base prospect Justin Smoak may get the call-up to the Rangers in the near future and here is his reasoning:

Chris Davis is off to a terrible start that is a lot like his start in 2009: So far, the Texas first baseman is batting .194, after going hitless on Friday night in the Rangers' loss to the Yankees, and so far, Davis has 10 strikeouts in 31 at-bats, with a .555 OPS.

Meanwhile, Smoak is off to a strong start in Class AAA, hitting .300; he drew a walk on Friday night in Oklahoma City's victory over Memphis, his 10th this season, in nine games; he's got just three strikeouts, and four extra-base hits. Scouts rave about the quality of his at-bats.

That article lead me to wonder which of the top hitting prospects will get the call to the major first: Smoak, Michael Stanton, Pedro Alvarez Carlos Santana or Buster Posey?

All five prospects should make it to the big leagues this year, but who gets the call first?