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When can he help you?

Carlos Santana has been slugging away at AAA Columbus and Lou Marson right now has 3 less hits, than Santana has home runs.  So does something have to give?  Probably not for a few weeks.   Santana is seen as a top 5 prospect in all of baseball and will definitely have an impact this season. Cleveland wants to keep him down long enough to avoid super two status contractually and Santana might just qualify as super.  His line to date is .423avg, 4 HR and an ops of 1.478.  The 4 HR represent only 1 off the Tribe's season tally of 5.  If you have a roster spot, or are weak behind the dish he is someone to consider adding soon.  If he's on your team already, I can only preach patience and assume you have been excited about his start to the season and expect to wait no longer than a month from now.