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2010 NL LABR Draft Results: Bob Radomski From Sandlot Shrink

Here are the draft results for Bob Radomski's team from Sandlot Shrink:


C John Baker 8
C David Ross 1
1B Derek Lee 23
2B DeWitt 2
SS Y. Escobar 19
3B Headley 17
MI Eckstein 2
CI Aubrey Huff 13
OF Carlos Lee 26
OF Pence 27
OF G. Parra 3
OF Schierholtz 9
OF Schumaker 10
UT Freese 7
Gallardo 20
Cain 19
Jurrjens 16
Derek Lowe 8
Maine 5
Burton 1
Bruney 1
Lindstrom 8
Howry 1
Capps 14

I wouldn't be too happy if I drafted that offense. I don't see Derrek Lee hitting 30 bombs again in 2010, Huff may not play everyday in San Francisco, and Eckstein gives you what? I'd like to know who bid $9 on Skip Schumaker. With Felipe Lopez and Julio Lugo on the Cards roster, how many ABs does he get? Freese has some power, and I'd like to see what he can do if he wins the third base job in St. Louis. I like Dewitt at 2B, as I think he can hit 12-14 HRs and drive in 60+ should he win the 2B job in LA, and I think he will. I like Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence in his outfield, and it remains to be seen whether Nate Schierholtz can play everyday in the majors. Parra at $3 could provide some value as he could play 3-4 times a week in the Arizona outfield.

I like Bob's top 4 starters, and he didn't spend alot on his relievers, who could get him 50 saves in 2010.