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2010 NL LABR Draft Results: Greg Ambrosius/Shawn Childs From NFBC

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The AL and NL LABR experts draft results are slowly being published with Greg Ambrosius and Shawn Cholds publishing both their AL and NL draft results yesterday. Here are their NL draft results with some commentary:

POS Name $$
C Jason Castro 3
C J.R. Towles 2
1B Ryan Howard 35
2B Rickie Weeks 16
3B Pedro Alvarez 3
SS Tory Tulowitzki 31
COR Juan Uribe 6
MID Jose Reyes 26
OF Matt Holliday 32
OF Chris Young 14
OF Melky Cabrera 10
OF Ryan Spilborghs 1
OF Jermaine Dye 1
UT Mike Jacobs 2
P Tim Lincecum 36
P Edwin Jackson 11
P J.A. Happ 10
P Homer Bailey 5
P Chris Volstad 2
P James McDonald 2
P Kyle McClellan 1
P Juan Gutierrez 3
P Ryan Madson 6
R Rich Hill
R Ryan Hanigan
R Gary Matthews
R Chad Tracy
R Freddie Freeman
R Aaron Poreda

When you spend more than half of your $260 budget on 4 players-Howard, Tulo, Holliday and Lincecum, you end up with no closers, and starting pitchers like Happ, Bailey, Volstadt and McDonald.

He has several high risk hitters in Reyes and Chris Young, along with a couple minor leaguers-catcher Jason Castro and third baseman Pedro Alvarez. Both could be up by June, or sooner. Castro has an outside shot of being the starter in Houston.

He also took a risk drafting Mike Jacobs, who could end up in AAA, and Jermaine Dye, who has yet to sign with any team as of this writing. Ryan Spilborgh will be the Rockies 5th outfielder barring injury to one of Seth Smith, Carlos Gonzalez, Dexter Fowler and Brad Hawpe, but he is the only right handed hitter of the bunch. Well, Fowler is a switch hitter, but hits better left-handed than right-handed.