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2010 AL LABR Draft Results: Greg Ambrosius/Shawn Childs From NFBC

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The AL LABR draft was held on Saturday night and the results are trickling in day by day. Here is the draft results for Greg Ambrosius and Shawn Childs from NFBC:


C – Matt Wieters $18
C – Adam Moore $2
1B – Billy Butler $26
2B – Jose Lopez $19
SS – Mike Aviles $2
3B – Evan Longoria $34
MI – Jack Wilson $2
CI – Justin Smoak $1
UT – Vladimir Guerrero $16
OF – BJ Upton $31
OF – Matt LaPorta $9
OF – Delmon Young $14
OF – Eric Byrnes $3
OF – Michael Taylor $3

P – Justin Verlander $28
P – Jake Peavy $16
P – Rich Harden $11
P – Philip Hughes $10
P – Kevin Millwood $2
P – Daniel Hudson $2
P – Jason Frasor $7
P – Chris Perez $3
P – Joey Devine $1

Reserve round: Ian Snell, Clete Thomas, Matt Tolbert, Mike Aubrey, Zach Stewart, J.P. Arencibia

This team looks a little more balanced than their NL LABR team. They took a couple risks with Delmon Young, Matt Laporta, BJ Upton and Eric Byrnes. They are counting on Upton and Weiters to hit better in 2010 than they did in 2009. Justin Smoak and Michael Taylor are cheap and could easily outperform their draft day salaries should they play regularly in 2010.

I like his two corner guys-Longoria and Butler. I can see Butler approaching 30 HRs in 2010.

I like their pitching staff with Verlander and Peavy leading the way. Peavy may not pitch like he did in San Diego, but he still has ace stuff and is a competitor. If healthy, Harden should provide a nice ERA and WHIP.