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The Next Jonathan Broxton

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4.58 ERA

1.24 WHIP

0 Saves

Not the numbers of a player who want to invest in right? WRONG..... These were the statistics for Brandon League from last season. When prospecting for saves, which every savy fantasy owner does, you cannot be naiive and expect the next waiver wire phenom to be easy to spot. Nobody thought Andrew Bailey and David Aardsma would be closers at last years drafts.

Reasons to like Brandon League for this season:

1) League had elite skills that were masked by poor luck.

-hr/f (15%)

-S% (65%)

-h% (33%)

2) Brandon League had a 10 k/9 in the second half, while walking walking less then 3.

3) In 2008 Leage induced 67% GB and in 2009 56% GB.

The closest comparison to this power ground ball pitcher is some guy named Jonathaon Broxton. In 2007 and 2008 Broxton combinded for only 16 saves, but had a 50% GB ratio, and struck out a little over 12 per nine.

From the outside looking in, the Mariners look pretty set at Closer. David Aardsma had a pretty solid overall season in 2009, but looking at the underlying statistics, I expect a drastic dropoff, which could lead to a change in the bullpen. With Lee, Hernandez and Bedard healthy in the rotation, there can be a ton of save opportunities in Seattle, and I expect League to take over as closer sometime in June.

If Brandon League gets the opportunity like Broxton did in '08 & '09, we should be looking at Broxton-esque save totals.