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Jason Hammel Sleeper Potential

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Eevnthough this 27 year old was only 10-8 last season with and ERA above four, he has the ability to pitch well above those numbers.  While most people are looking into Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge De La Rosa in Colorado, you should not overlook Jason Hammel.  Over the past few years he has become a ground ball pitcher inducing over 45% GB's.  But the major change in Hammel's game has been his control.  Last season he cut his walk total almost in half, dropping his whip and era in return.  Hopefully his unlucky hit rate of 34% will revert back to average, and he can make major improvements on last seasons numbers.  Hammel's is being undrafted in most leagues, but look for him to break into the top 50 SP by seasons end.  If Hammels can continue to improve his control, and keep the ball out of the thin air of Coor's expect a drastic improvement.