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SB Nation Special Offer: 50% Off For New Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Leagues

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SB Nation has teamed up with to provide Fake Teams readers with a very special offer: you can receive 50% off the regular season price of $180 if you create a new fantasy league using's Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Leagues.

Be part of the web's most powerful league manager that won 8 out of 9 Fantasy Sports Trade Association Awards for "Best Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League Management Product". fantasy baseball commissioner leagues provide owners with the following features:

-Customize the entire league the way you want.....rules, scores, teams and more

-LIVE scoring and stat so you can follow along as your teams rack up points

-Keeper league capability to carry on the tradition for years to come

-Expert analysis provides up-to-date information for all players and teams

-Live chat/league messenger so you can talk trash with your competition

-14 day free trial included

To receive your 50% off the regular $180 site fees, click on the following URL, and is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to teh Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League.

I have used's fantasy sites for two of my NL-only leagues, one is a keeper league and one is a snake draft league. I like the site better than any other fantasy site out there, and I have used Yahoo, TQStats and All Star Stats. I think you get more for your money with's fantasy sites than the others.

For baseball, I like the fact that you can run stats on players for ANY time period. You can run stats for how a player performed from the All star break to the end of the season, for example. I also like the transaction processing feature which allow you to evaluate a trade before making the offer.

Make sure you use the URL above should you decide to create a new fantasy baseball league using

I will be creating a NEW Fake Teams fantasy baseball league in the next day or so for Fake Teams readers to participate in. I would like to make the league a mixed, non-keeper, snake draft league as I have never participated in a league involving AL players.

I will publish a separate post for the new league on Sunday. Feel free to post a comment indicating your interest in this NEW Fake Teams Mixed League.