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Fantasy Baseball: ESPN's NL-Only Mock Draft

ESPN posted their recent NL-only mock draft results, and I am surprised at some of the picks:

1st round-David Wright drafted 7th before Prince Fielder and Ryan Howard

2nd round-Ryan Howard lasted till the 4th pick in the 2nd round

4th round-Yovanni Gallardo and Tommy Hanson were drafted before Johan Santana who was drafted in the 4th round. I am down on Santana, but not that much.

5th round-Manny Ramirez lasted till the 5th round, with Shane Victorino, Adam Dunn and Hunter Pence drafted ahead of him in the 4th round.

5th round-Francisco Rodriguez, and his declining K rate, was the second closer drafted. Is he the second best closer in the NL?

Round 5-Ricky Nolasco is no longer a sleeper, if he ever was, as he was drafted before Cole Hamels

7th round-Carlos Beltran in the 7th round? wow....

10th round-Jason Heyward drafted with the 5th pick in the 10th

10th round-Everth Cabrera drafted ahead of Corey Hart