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Down On The Farm: Wednesday Afternoon Prospect Chats

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Here are a few of the Q & A from the Baseball America chat with Jim Callis and the Baseball Prospectus chat with Kevin Goldstein:

Baseball America

JinandZhen (Seoul)

long term. G Beckham, Ellsbury, Ackley, Stanton, montero, heyward. Please rank them...

Jim Callis
  (1:55 PM)

Heyward, Stanton, Montero, Beckham, Ackley, Ellsbury.

 Wow Michael Stanton ahead of Jesus Montero? My UBA team will like that.

Chris (Fort Wayne, IN)

Jim, appreciate all the great info. I'm curious about Carlos Gonzalez. Was his 2nd half a little flukish, or has he finally made good on all hype a few years later than we thought? What are reasonable expectations for a full season in 2010? thanks!

Jim Callis
  (2:04 PM)

I don't think he's going to be a .320/.384/.608 player like he was in the second half, but he is a talented player. But he can be at least a .275/.330/.475 player, if not more. I think he'll be at least a solid regular.

Is that enough to bring down some of the hype on Carlos Gonzalez? I seem to remember similar hype on Ryan Spilborgh last season, and he didn't fare too well. I remember because I bought into the hype.

More after the jump:

Garrett (Saint Louis, MO)

Jim -- what are your thoughts on a few guys I saw in West Palm Beach a few years back: Logan Morrison for the Marlins and Colby Rasmus for St. Louis? Is Colby a future star or is he more Mike Cameron? Does Logan Morrison win the 1B job for Florida this year and if so, what is his future?

Jim Callis
  (2:31 PM)

They'll both be all-stars.

Baseball Prospectus

Todd (Tallahassee): I was surprised to see you have Ryan Westmoreland ahead of Domonic Brown. Is defensive value the driver on that or is there something beyond that?

Kevin Goldstein: It's a small driver, but as good as Brown is, Westmoreland's tools are absolutely insane. The reports I got from scouts who saw him in the New York Penn League were just unbelievable.

Ranking a rookie league guy ahead of a guy in AA??

John (DC): Does Stephen Strasburg have the capability to be better than Tim Lincecum in a few years?

Kevin Goldstein: The capability? Yes. That doesn't mean it will happen. He has better pure stuff than arguably any pitcher in the game.


raygu1 (Burlington, NJ): Kevin-thanks for the chat. Gordon > Castro?? explain please.

Kevin Goldstein: Gordon crushes Castro on a tools level. I like Castro, but I don't see star-level tools.

Hmmmm. KG ranked Dodgers SS Dee Gordon ahead of Cubs SS Starlin Castro. I am glad I have the 2nd and 3rd pick in the UBA minor league draft in April. He also went on to say that Gordon has the most risk of his Top 101 Prospects.

Joe (Pa): Upside of Pedro Alvarez with Pittsburgh's short porch in right: 30 Homers, ..270 average or 50 homers, .300 average? Is he a true #3 hitter?

Kevin Goldstein: Can i split the baby and say .285 with 40 home runs?

Is he the next Adrian Gonzalez?