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Fantasy Baseball: Jason Grey's "Guys"

Jason Grey is one the few ESPN writers I like to read on a regular basis, and yesterday he posted his list of 10 players he would "love to have this season".

Here is his list, with a few excerpts:

1. Justin Upton

2. Gordon Beckham

3. Billy Butler

4. Howie Kendrick

5. Chris Davis

6. Stephen Drew

7. Brett Anderson

8. Andrew McCutchen

9. Mat Latos

10. Wade Davis/Brian Matusz

Here is his thoughts on Padres starter Mat Latos:

Latos has shown good control in his minor league career, and I expect his strikeout rate to get a good bump this year as he settles in at the big league level. Add in a great pitching environment, and I am 100 percent on board, even if he's going to be limited to 150-170 innings this year. He could challenge a sub-4.00 ERA and strike out around eight batters per nine innings.

I have Latos in the UBA league, and just missed out on him in my other keeper league draft on Sunday.

Here is why he likes Billy Butler so much:

He quietly finished second in the majors in doubles (51) last year, and the players who have hit 50 or more doubles at age 23 in the big leagues are Hank Greenberg, Enos Slaughter, Stan Musial, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Grady Sizemore and Miguel Cabrera.

Ummm....can you blame him?

Here is Grey's thoughts on Brett Anderson:

From June 29 to the end of the season, Anderson made 17 starts, winning 10 games with a 2.96 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and 105 strikeouts in 106 1/3 innings, racking up a ton of ground balls in the process. That's dominance any way you look at it.

I have to agree with him on Anderson. But can he do that for a full season?