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Fantasy Baseball: NL-Only Keeper League Draft Day Strategy

Late post today, and no spring training roundup. Busy day yesterday saw me on the go most of the day and evening.

10AM draft this morning in one of my NL-only keeper leagues. My team is pitching heavy going into the draft with Tim Lincecum, Chad Billingsley, Ricky Nolasco, Jonathon Broxton and Trevor Hoffman. Hitters-Andre Ethier, Dan Uggla, Colby Rasmus and James Loney.

I have spent $79 on my 5 pitchers and $55 on hitting on my 9 keepers. I plan to see how high the top SB guys-Rollins, McCutchen, Reyes and Cabrera-go for, but may decide to dump SBs and go with a pitching/power heavy team.