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Making (Made) the Team: Jason Heyward

News today out of Atlanta's camp is that Jason Heyward will be the starting RF for the Braves.

Great news for a seemingly great kid - I personally am happy they didn't play around with his arbitration clock by sending him down for a few weeks.

His spring stats: .366 AVE / .537 SLG% with 1HR, 5 RBI and a .500 OBP [41 AB total to date]

Projections are difficult for a player with no MLB experience - if he approaches .280Ave with 70-80RBI and 20HR and 10SB it would be a wild success for a 20 year old. He may exceed those numbers, he may fall short of them... we will see. If he can avoid the little nagging injuries that have bothered him in his minor league career, he can do some special things.

Welcome Mr. Heyward