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Fake Teams CBSSports 5 x 5 Mixed League Draft Results

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Holy cow!! I never knew drafting a bench and daily moves meant so much to fantasy owners. I guess my time in NL-only leagues has prevented me from seeing what fantasy leagues are like. Oh well, so the draft didn't go so well because of those issues. But I did state in previous posts that we would be drafting 23 rounds. Not 28, or 33.

Here are my draft results:

C-Yadier Molina

C-MIguel Olivo

1B-Mark Reynolds

2B-Rickie Weeks

SS-Alexei Ramirez

3B-Casey Blake

CI-Aramis Ramirez

MI-Rafael Furcal

OF-Matt Kemp

OF-Jacoby Ellsbury

OF-Carlos Lee

OF-Adam Lind

OF-Andrew McCutchen

U-Carlos Beltran

P-Jake Peavy

P-Clayton Kershaw

P-John Lackey

P-Jonathan Sanchez

P-Rick Porcello

P-Ben Sheets

P-Ryan Franklin

P-Derek Lowe

P-Billy Wagner


Carl Pavano

Ervin Santana

Macier Izturis

Coco Crisp

Alex Gordon

I can't say I am happy with my draft results. Between the issues surrounding whether we were drafting reserves or not, and my computer freezing on me, it didn't go well. Now I know why I like drafting in person better than online.

I think I drafted enough power/speed guys, but didn't draft enough pitching in my opinion. I was about to draft Stephen Strasburg when my computer froze on me and I got Ryan Franklin instead. I will have to deal for another closer, because I don't see him keeping the job all year.

I also didn't realize how quick the quality pitching would be drafted. The site drafted 3/5ths of my reserves due to my computer issues.

To the other owners in the league, my apologies for the confusion. I thought 23 rounds was enough. Not sure why this wasn't brought up prior to yesterday

There will be no spring training roundup today.