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Zach Abrams Starter Rankings

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 The following rankings are based on 5x5 Rotisserie scoring.

 1- Tim Lincecum

2- Roy Halladay

3- C.C. Sabathia

4- Justin Verlander

5- Felix Hernandez

6- Dan Haren

7- Zach Greinke

8- Jon Lester

9- Josh Beckett

10- Wandy Rodriguez

11- Cole Hamels

12- Ubaldo Jimenez

13- Scott Baker

14- Adam Wainwright

15- Cliff Lee

16- Ricky Nolasco

17- Tommy Hanson

18- Brandon Webb

19- Javier Vazquez

20- Brett Anderson


Top 20 Snubs:

Chris Carpenter, Johan Santana, Clayton Kershaw, Josh Johnson, Yovanni Gallardo

Carpenter/Johnson/Gallardo all had 100+ IP spikes, so I can very easily see an injury laden or down season for all three.  Johan is getting older, coming off a bone chip surgery I am cautious.  He has had decreasing strike out totals, and an increase in FB%.  I am not a fan.  Finally, Kershaw will be an ace sometime soon, but just not yet.  I am a big fan of this lefty, but we will have to wait another season for the dominance to start.  I predict an ERA in the mid 3.00 and a lofty 1.3 WHIP including 200+ k's.  A fine season but will have limited Win totals based on his IP's. 

Jon Lester:

This guy has beaten cancer, beat up on the Yankees, and despite an extremely unlucky first half, finished the campaign strong with a 3.4 ERA and 225 K's.  I think Lester has the potential to break into the top 5 SP's at the end of the season.  I am not a fan of drafting starters early, but I think he can be a major major bargain in the 7th of 8th round of drafts.