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Fantasy Baseball: Nuggets From ESPN Fantasy Chat

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Here are a few Q & A from Eric Karabell's fantasy chat yesterday:

tim (Providence)

Do you think Posey gets 300 ABs this year in some form or another? I heard earlier in the spring they were working him at the corners? Is playing time there a legit possibility?

Eric Karabell
(3:55 PM)

He's going to the minors, and I don't know why people expect Bengie Molina to be dealt. They got him to play 140 games at catcher and contend for the NL West, which they will. We'll see Posey in August.

I know one UBA owner who will be disappointed if that is true. Posey up in August?

Matt (SF)

Does Jason Heyward play the entire season in the majors? What do you project his stat line to be for the year? Thanks!

Eric Karabell
(3:16 PM)

Heyward will win the NL Rookie of the Year award. I see 25 homers, 85 RBIs, 15 steals. Monster.

Wow! That's third round stats in NL-only leagues.

More after the jump:

John (LA)

In a vaccuum, Cain or Tommy Hanson for this season? Keeper league?

Eric Karabell
(3:50 PM)

Hanson for both.

OK-What the hell does "in a vacuum" mean, dammit?? Seriously.

mark (richmond, va)

B wood or S rodriguez?Who is the better start for the year?

Eric Karabell
(3:43 PM)

For now it is still Wood, because he's gonna play. But I think that will change.

Brandon Wood is not getting the love.