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Fantasy Baseball: Wednesday's Spring Training Roundup

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Here are a few thoughts after reviewing Wednesday's spring training boxscores:

Diamondbacks star outfielder Justin Upton sprained his ankle, but tweeted after the game that his ankle is fine and they he will rest a few games to be ready for Opening Day. The only concern I have is that he injured his ankle stealing second base. Are the DBacks going to limit his SB opportunities in 2010 as a result?

Are the DBacks really going to let outfielder Conor Jackson bat leadoff this season? I could see double digit steals from him. He did steal 9 bases in the Dominican Winter League a few months ago.

The Royals are considering batting third baseman Alberto Callaspo in the 3rd spot in their lineup to start the season. Sounds like two spots too low for Callaspo who is a solid contact hitter. He batted 5th on Wednesday going 2-5 with an RBI. When Callaspo is your 5th hitter in the middle of your order, you're not scoring alot of runs.

Another reason why Roy Halladay won't win 20 games in 2010 for the Phillies-reliever Danys Baez gave up 2 runs in 2/3rds of an inning on 2 hits and a walk. Temporary closer Ryan Madson gave up 2 runs on 3 hits in an inning of work.

Phils starter J.A. Happ had alot of crooked numbers in his linescore on Wednesday, but the one that jumped out at me was the 3 HRs he gave up in 5 innings. Expect and ERA over 4.00-4.50 in 2010.

Yankees starter Javier Vazquez gave up one run on 4 hits in 6 innings on Wednesday. He is the Yankees 4th starter. He would be the #1 on 75% of all MLB teams.

Pirates utility man Delwyn Young hit his 6th HR of the spring on Wednesday. I doubt we see him hit more than 6 HRs in 2010.

There's a battle for the centerfield job in Cincinnatti between Chris Dickerson and Drew Stubbs. Stubbs hit his 4th HR of the spring on Wednesday, while Dickerson had a hit and 2 SBs, giving him 4 this spring.

Rays SS Jason Bartlett was 3-4 with 2 HRs on Wednesday vs the Blue Jays. Could Bartlett repeat his 2009 season?