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Zach Abrams Top 25 OF Rankings

Follow rankings are based on a 5x5 rotisserie scoring.

1- Ryan Braun

2- Matt Kemp

3- Carl Crawford

4- Matt Holliday

5- Justin Upton

6- Jacoby Ellsbury

7- Jayson Werth

8- Nelson Cruz

9- Grady Sizemore

10- Adam Lind

11- Andre Ethier

12- Carlos Lee

13- Jason Bay

14- Shane Victorino

15- Bobby Abreu

16- Andrew McCutchcen

17- Shin- Soo Choo

18- Torii Hunter

19- Ichiro Suzuki

20- Manny Ramirez

21- Nate McClouth

22- Josh Hamilton

23- Nick Markakis

24- Curtis Granderson

25- Jay Bruce

Discussion Worthy Players:

Nick Markakis: Dropped below 20hr for first time in career at full at bats. Increased his fly ball percentage but decreased his home runs? Something is fishy here, Avoid!

Nelson Cruz: Provided almost a full season with many of the same peripherals as his previous year proving he is legit. Did have some injuries along the way which limited him to only 460 at bats. But, did hit 33hr/20sb in this time. Add another 150 at bats, increase those totals to almost 40/25. Second full season should help his average a bit, and later in the draft you have a cheap upgraded version of Grady Sizemore. Just a bit bulkier.

Andre Ethier: Broke out last year .272 31hr 106rbi. Each full season he has taken a step up. I think 2010 is his coming out party. Last years average was limited by unlucky h%(Last 4 seasons lowest combinded average was .280). Moving Kemp up in the order / full season with Manny can provide big time numbers. Miss Cleo Projects .280 35 110.

Ichiro Suzuki: In 2007, Ichiro hit .351 due to a 39% hit rate. The next year he hit .310. In 2009 Ichiro hit .352 due to a 38% hit rate. 2010 he hits? My guess is around .300. His stolen base totals are slowely dwindeling due to his age.(36) Keep in mind, last year was his first season under 100 runs ever.