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What's in Storen D.C.?

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Lost in the exciting news that Stephen Strasburg was being sent down to AA to begin the season, was that fellow top 10 pick Drew Storen was being shipped with him. The two could easily be considered some of the better arms in the Nationals system, with many feeling they out-performed guys who will have big league jobs come April. The demotion, for both, has more to do with controlling when their service clocks start than it does with ability to get batters out. I agree with the Nationals handling of these two, as they will not make a difference this year in what will be another losing campaign.

Storen is the closer of the future ,and you might be right to gamble that the future will begin in June for the 10th overall pick last year. Storen signed quickly, and managed to save 11 games between A and AA in 2009. Whiffing better than a batter an inning, along with a 1.95 era in the process. The job will be his when promoted, as the Nat's don't have any contract obligations on their roster and Storen is the player the franchise wants to have that job. If you're in a NL only league he is worth holding onto if you can burn the roster spot right now and if it's a dynasty format he is undoubtedly already on a roster. Mixed leagues, for 2010? I don't know if he's worth acquiring right away unless you have bench spots to burn, or you planned on acquiring saves later in the season. I do feel he will close in 2010. Unfortunately, it will be in Washington. He could have a Chad Cordero-like appeal heading into next season and there is no better minor league closer of the future out there.