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Fantasy Baseball: Jason's OF Rankings

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Here at FakeTeams, we have been in the process of releasing our writers' rankings by position. Here's my outfielder rankings:

  1. Ryan Braun (Brewers)
  2. Matt Kemp (Dodgers)
  3. Matt Holliday (Cardinals)
  4. Carl Crawford (Rays)
  5. Justin Upton (Diamondbacks)
  6. Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox)
  7. Jayson Werth (Phillies)
  8. Grady Sizemore (Indians)
  9. Adam Lind (Blue Jays) (previously 10)
  10. Bobby Abreu (Angels) (previously 11)
  11. Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners) (previously 12)
  12. Ben Zobrist (Rays) (previously 13)
  13. Curtis Granderson (Yankees) (previously 14)
  14. Andre Ethier (Dodgers) (previously 15)
  15. Torii Hunter (Angels) (previously 9)
  16. Adam Dunn (Nationals) (previously 17)
  17. Jason Bay (Mets) (previously 18)
  18. Shane Victorino (Phillies) (previously 19)
  19. Nelson Cruz (Rangers) (previously 20)
  20. Carlos Lee (Astros) (previously 21)
  21. Adam Jones (Orioles) (previously 22)
  22. Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) (previously 23)
  23. Nick Markakis (Orioles)
  24. Carlos Beltran (Mets)
  25. B.J. Upton (Rays)
  26. Shin-Soo Choo (Indians) (previously 16)

I've updated my rankings after some discussion caused me to do more research.

  • Hunter was too high. I thought he had scored 100 runs in a season recently, but turns out he's never done that.
  • Choo was too high. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the upside.
  • Markakis was too low (I had him in the 30-35 range originally). I don't think his power necessarily returns to 20+ level, or the steals to more than 5, but 100 runs scored and 100 rbi is a definite possibility, and that shouldn't be discounted.

Some notes on outfield:

  • You're really going to have to try to avoid getting some stolen bases out of your outfield. Nearly every outfielder provides some steals, and there are quite a few who provide at least 10.
  • I am not a believer in Jason Bay in the Mets' stadium. I think he can still hit 25 HR, but I think that's probably the upside at this point. He seems like he was helped just too much by Fenway Park.
  • I really think that Torii Hunter can build on his season last year, and potentially have an even better season this year. Like 30-20 with a .290 average good.
  • Andrew McCutchen also strikes me as a player who will have a really good season. I could see a 20 hr-35 sb season from him.
  • Some players I like that are below the top 25: Carlos Gonzalez, Hunter Pence, Denard Span, Franklin Gutierrez, Nyjer Morgan
  • Some deeper league plays: Nolan Reimold, Dexter Fowler, Juan Rivera
  • Players with good names that I'm not sold will perform accordingly: Manny Ramirez, Josh Hamilton, Alfonso Soriano, Nick Markakis, Raul Ibanez

Overall, for 3-OF leagues, the position has plenty of depth. For 5-OF leagues, the quality seems like it kind of drops off pretty rapidly. After about 40 or so, it's really about what you need when you're drafting.