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Wood You Rely on Him in 2010?

Players who have a career big league average of .192 in 224 ab's aren't the kind of players you want to rely on for fantasy success. Brandon Wood, as such a player, is quite intriguing however. He's the Angel prospect you've heard the most about in the last few years, as he was a SS who once hit 43 homers in a minor league campaign. This is his first season with what looks to be a starting job right out of spring, and some wonder what to expect? As well as what has taken the shine off this once bright prospect?

Wood exploded onto the scene in 2005 going .321, 43hr's. As a first round pick SS, many in keeper leagues have been stashing Baseball America's 2006 third rated prospect for four straight seasons now, as the Halos haven't had a place in the lineup to get him consistent AB's. Wood has been in AAA and with the big club for parts of the last 3 seasons, and some criticize manager Mike Scioscia's handling of Wood as the reason for his dreadful MLB numbers; a few AB's a week never allowed Wood to get comfortable enough at the plate to show what he could do. In AAA, Wood has been a .290 hitter with good power. For the Angels, that has translated to 74 punch outs and the average already mentioned. Will this year see any difference?

Wood has always had power and strikeout issues, and that is likely to be the case in 2010. The real wild card is his average - if it's in the .270 range, which I feel is possible, he could be a solid asset at a weak hot corner. If Wood happens to qualify for you at SS, then he is definitely worth a roll of the dice at MI, and I would also consider giving him the SS job. The Angels have been slow to give everyday jobs to many players until they are out of minor league options, as is the case with Wood this year. He is still only going to be 25 this year, and if he explodes to go .271, 27, 89 don't count me as one who would be shocked. All one needs to see this coming from an unseen source is look at Wood's fellow teammate Kendry Morales for an example of an Angel who produced right away after getting his first everyday job.