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Fantasy Baseball: ESPN Chat Nuggets

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Here are a few nuggets from some recent ESPN chats:

jay (nyc)

Unfortunately got the 7th pick in my draft. Too early for Lincecum?

Eric Karabell
(3:23 PM)

It's your team! I personally wouldn't draft a pitcher - really, any pitcher - that high, but I understand many people do. There is no such thing as "too early" by the way. If you're right, and Lincecum is fantasy's best player, who cares how it looked in March?

I agree with Karabell-too early to pick a pitcher. Gotta take a power hitter.

EGO (County Ct)

If everything clicks for Juston Upton what could his stat line look like this season? Better lineup, more experience, and tools up the wazzoo.

Eric Karabell
(3:31 PM)

I'd say I could, essentially, see J.Up go for 35 homers, 100 RBIs, 25 stolen bases. That's pretty special, no?

Could happen. I could see 30-100-20 this season.

More after the jump:

Eric (CO)

What numbers do you project for Coghlan? Better than Ludwick and Gutierrez?

Eric Karabell
(3:38 PM)

Well, different numbers. Coghlan is a leadoff hitter. I expect he can hit 10-12 home runs, steal 15-20 bases if he likes. Ludwick is a 30-100 guy. Gutierrez is a 20-75-15 guy. All are good. I rank them Coghlan, Ludwick, Gutierrez, but it depends what you need.

I just don't see that. I don't take Coghlan over Ludwick or Gutierrez. Would you take a guy who goes 12-20 over a guy who goes 20-15? Not me. Coghlan will have to prove his second half wasn't a fluke to me first.

Fox (Baltimore)

Speaking of Heyward, is he now a pick worthy in the top 10 rounds?

Eric Karabell
(3:40 PM)

Yes, after seeing him mash the ball in the spring, and Bobby Cox likely to stick with him as he begins his final year as manager, I'd say he's top 100 for sure.

Interesting. I could see 6th-8th round in NL-only leagues as well. I need to jump in an NL-only mock draft soon to see where he is going.

Mike (NY)

In 2-years, Gallardo or Kershaw?

Eric Karabell
(3:58 PM)

Gallardo.. I am not someone who drafts a 5-inning starter...

I think Karabell is being a little short-sighted here. He is assuming Kershaw will not mature as a pitcher and improve his control in each of the next two years.