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Fantasy Baseball: What Is The Value Of Julio Borbon?

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I saw this line in ESPN's Buster Olney's blog on Monday, and I thought it was interesting.

Julio Borbon is going to be thrown into the fire this year with the Rangers. I heard this from somebody within the Rangers' circle: "Tell your friends who play fantasy baseball that they should take Borbon."


 - Buster Olney from his 3/1/10 Blog Post (subscription required)

So this got me thinking about what value Borbon has in a standard league?

In 2009, Borbon posted a .312 batting average, 4 HR, 30 R, 20 RBI, and 19 steals in only 46 games. He has also been penciled in as the starting center fielder, moving Josh Hamilton to LF for the coming season. So what can he do in a full season of playing time?

Fangraphs has two projections for Borbon, one from Bill James and one from CHONE.

Bill James: .308, 7 HR, 85 R, 47 RBI, 42 SB (136 games)
CHONE: .297, 6 HR, 77 R, 47 RBI, 35 SB (142 games)

I think that if Borbon actually ends up getting the amount of playing time that they are both projecting for him, he can easily top 40 stolen bases. His minor league numbers played out to similar levels as the projections, so I think he can definitely meet the rest of the stats as well.

Borbon is currently showing an ADP of 183 on Mock Draft Central, essentially a late round flier. He's not going to give you a lot of homeruns or RBI, but he could very easily fit into the punt-power strategy, and definitely has a lot of upside at that point. I think he can potentially steal over 50 bases if given enough of a green light.