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Fantasy Baseball: NL Keeper League Trade Offer

In my other NL-only 5 x 5 keeper league I was offered a $15 Cody Ross for an $18 Ricky Nolasco. I think this is a fair offer, but I am not sure how long the Marlins will keep Ross with outfield prospect Michael Stanton waiting in the wings. Some think he could be called up by mid-season. Plus, Ross is arbitration eligible in 2010, and I can see the Marlins dealing him at the trade deadline this season.

Nolasco had an up and down season last season, literally. He got hit around quite alot in the first two months of the season, then he was sent to AAA to work on a few things, then he came back and pitched brilliantly. He ended the season with a 16 strikeout performance that is fresh in my mind. He also was very unlucky last season with a 61% strand rate, which is extremely low, leading to his 5+ ERA. He should bounce back in 2010.

Baseball HQ projects Ross to go 25-87-5-.269-.319-.488 in 2010. He projects Nolasco to go 15-9, with a 3.81 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP.

The pitchers I am keeping are:

Tim Lincecum-$23

Chad Billingsley-$11

Jonathon Broxton-$18

Trevor Hoffmann-$8

Ricky Nolasco-$18 (if he isn't traded)


Andre Ethier-$20

Dan Uggla-$17

James Loney-$11

Colby Rasmus-$7

I think I can draft enough power and speed to improve my hitting, but am curious if I should pull the trigger on this deal.