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Zach Abrams 3B Rankings

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The following Rankings are based onMark  5x5 Rotisserie Scoring.


1- Alex Rodriguez

2-Evan Longoria

3- David Wright

4- Ryan Zimmerman

5- Aramis Ramirez

6- Mark Reynolds

7- Pablo Sandoval

8- Gordon Beckham

9- Michael Young

10-Chone Figgins

11- Kevin Kouzmanoff

12- Adrian Beltre

13- Alex Gordon

14- Casey Blake

15- Brandon Wood


Best Value:  I think that Ryan Zimmerman, being drafted late third early fourth, is a very productive player whos being drafted later then he should.  This year with 3B being shallow, his 30 hr 100rbi and .290 average is being underlooked possibly due to the Nationals Logo on his chest.  He is surrounded by young talent, and if they tajke the next step so could his RBI Totoal.  Still young, Zimmerman, is putting up numbers similar to the likes of Teixiera and Longoria, he is just not as flashy.


Worst Value:  Pablo Sandoval may be the best young pure hitter in the game, but just not for fantasy purposes.  He has had a history of being a great line drive hitter, so his high BABIP shouldnt hurt his avergae too much.  I worry more about his surrounding cast then I do his hitting ability.  His weake offense will limit his Run and RBI totals, and pitchers will pitch around him more.  He is being drafted very early, and will not put up the stats to warrent such a high selection.

Late Round Flyer:  I believe Mike Lowell will be shipped off, and Adrian Beltre will get the opportunity to play every day.  Before his injury last year, he had three straight years at 25hrs and close to 80rbis.  If healthy, he can provide these same numbers, and could be drafted toward the end of the draft.  The 3B talent pool is very weak this year, so if you miss out on the top flight players, look more in Beltre, who can amass value given his new situation.