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My Keeper List for upcoming draft - quick overview

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Just a quick note as I have seen a couple similar posts.  I have a draft this weekend for a keeper league that I participate in.  This league has been going for about 5 or 6 years and this will be my 3rd season in the league.  We have a total of 15 MLB keepers and 5 minor league keepers.

MLB keepers:

Geovany Soto, Prince Fielder, Gordon Beckham, Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Drew, Jay Bruce, Jason Heyward, Felix Hernandez, Justin Verlander, Ubaldo Jimenez, John Danks, Clay Buchholz, Scott Baker, Madison Bumgarner, Joe Saunders,


Minor League Keepers:

Michael Stanton, Jesus Montero, Casey Kelly, Tim Beckham, Eric Hosmer,



**Bumgarner and Heyward were deemed to be MLB eligible only this year so had to keep them on the big club instead of the minors team.**


We draft this Sunday afternoon.  Total of 13 rounds to fill out the rest of our rosters (10 total minor leaguers / 23 MLB guys).  My team was very pitching heavy last year and it helped me make the playoffs for the first time - took over a team that was dead last a couple years ago so I am happy with that (aptly named it The Denominators when I took over the team on the very bottom of the league).  I traded away some high draft picks along with some nice players to get some guys last year like Zimmerman and King Felix.  Also this offseason I sent Ian Kinsler and Rick Porcello away in a trade that netted me Prince Fielder and Joe Saunders.  Draft strategy will most likely focus on offensive depth especially in the OF position and increasing my power/speed categories since pitching is essentially done with all those nice young keeper arms up there.  

Its a very well run league and lots of activity through trading all year round.  I will post the my team draft results Sunday night or early next week.