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Zach Abrams SS Rankings

Rankings are based on 5x5 Rotisserie Scoring.

1- Hanley Ramnirez

2- Jimmy Rollins

3- Troy Tulowitski

4- Derek Jeter

5- Jose Reyes

6- Stephen Drew

7- Yunel Escobar

8- Elvis Andrus

9- Asdrubal Cabrera

10- Alexi Ramirez

11- Jason Bartlett

12- Rafael Furcal

13- Everth Cabrera

14- Miguel Tejada

15- Erick Aybar

Names and things to Consider

Jose Reyes: How will his injury affect his draft status and the 2010 season statistics?

Stephen Drew: Can he rebound from his sub par sophmore season. I think he does come back strong.

Dustin Pedroia: Possibly will gain SS eligibility, something to keep in mind

Everth Cabrera: How much can he get on base? Once he does he is gone.

Miguel Tejada: Ressurgence in Baltimore? May provide excellent late round value for your MI slot,.

I also am very high on Jimmy Rollins coming into this year. He had a horrible first half of the season, but put up solid numbers, right inline with his career statistics in the second half. There were rumors about his health in the first half, which may explain his bad performance. Dont forget his upside... If you do, Go Look at his MVP season stats.... Acquiring him in the third round maybe a STEAL.