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Fantasy Baseball: Ray's Keeper List for NL-Only League

On Monday, I had to submit my keeper list in one of my NL-only keeper leagues. I have been in this league for 14-15 years now, and have won the league 3 of the last 4 years. I traded away some of my top keepers last year to ensure I won the league, so it was all worth it. But, I do have some decent keepers going into 2010:

James Loney-$11

Dan Uggla-$17

Andre Ethier-$20

Colby Rasmus-$7

Tim Lincecum-$23

Chad Billingsley-$11

Ricky Nolasco-$18

Jonathan Broxton-$18

Trevor Hoffman-$8

Obviously, my pitching is my strength going into my March 28th draft, and there are plenty of SB guys in the draft including Jimmy Rollins, Jose Reyes, Andrew McCutchen, Drew Stubbs and Dexter Fowler.

In this league, after keeper lists are submitted, any player not retained is thrown into a pool for the waiver draft. The waiver draft allows any team that did not keep 10 players to pick up any guy thrown back. Some of the players picked up in the waiver draft to this point are Jeff Francoeur at $12, Cody Ross at $15, Francisco Rodriguez at $23, and Chris Iannetta at $6.

A couple guys I am considering to pick up are Jimmy Rollins at $35, Matt Lindstrom at $7 and Lastings Milledge at $15. I am leaning toward not picking up one of these players. What should I do?