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ILLZ's 2nd draft results

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I actually had two drafts yesterday, one at 11 AM and the other at 5 PM. This league is my favorite, and longest running league. Standard 5x5 roto, 10 teams with 7 keepers, no snake draft. It has a bit of an interesting pitching setup, however. Intending to simulate a real pitching rotation, you can only have 5 SP's accumulating stats for you at any one time. If you want to remove one of your starters from the rotation, he has to be either traded or dropped, and he has to make 3 starts for you before you can do anything with him at all. He CANNOT just be moved to the bench and replaced by a different pitcher. This rule makes starting pitching very important, as a bad pitcher can really set you back.

I did very well in this league from '05 to '08, coming in 4th, 1st, 3rd, and 1st respectively, and then last year had pretty much everything go wrong that possibly could, and came in dead last. My keepers are Arod, Crawford, Granderson, Bruce, Pedroia, Felix, and Jubaldo JImenez. I had no 2nd round pick and an additional 8th round pick as a result of various trades. On to the results:

1 - Wandy Rodriguez

2 - No pick

3 - Broxton

4 - Pena

5 - A. Soriano

6 - Edwin Jackson

7 - Webb

8 - R. Soriano

8 - Kazmir

9 - S. Drew

10 - Heyward

11 - G. Jones

12 - Soto

13 - Maybin

14 - J. Rivera

15 - Wagner

16 - Hughes

17 - Dye

All in all, I think I did well. My one worry is that I don't have any bench players that aren't OF'ers. Towards the end of the draft there just wasn't much available and there was still value in the outfield. I'll have to explore trading some of these OF'ers once the injury bug starts hitting people.