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Zach Abrams 2B Rankings

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The following Rankings are based on 5x5 Rotisserie scoring.

1- Chase Utley

2- Brandon Phillips

3-Dustin Pedroia

4- Ian Kinsler

5- Howie Kendrick

6- Brian Roberts

7- Robinson Cano

8- Gordon Beckham

9- Jose Lopez

10- Richie Weeks

11- Ben Zobrist

12- Aaron Hill

13- Dan Uggla

14- Ian Stewart

15- Kelly Johnson

16- Scott Sizemore

17- Orlando Hudson

18- Asdrubal Cabrera

19- Martin Prado

20- Placido Polanco

Aaron Hill: Many will feel being ranked 12 is very unjust after hitting .286 36 hrs 108 rbi. If you look into Hill's fundamental statistics, you will see that his 2009 campaign is very similar to his 2007 breakout year. His fb rate, hr/f and contact rate were almost identicle, while his power spike was due to his unusually high hr/f (16%). Expect Hill to contribute right around 20 home runs, but thus putting him back outside my top 10.

Ben Zobrist: Another player I feel had his best case scenerio season fall into line in 2009. I have projected him to have a solid season, but the reasoning for his is more of a gut call then anything else.

Jose Lopez: If you have read any of my columns before, you know how high I am on Lopez. Lopez is going unnoticed in many drafts despite hitting 25 hrs and 96 rbi out of the 2B position. His .272 average was low, but chalk some of that up to luck (27% hit percentage). Remeber, just a year ago with a normal hit rate he batted .297. I believe Lopez can produce as a top 3 second baseman if everything falls into place for him this season. This 26 year old also has the addition of Chone Figgins working for him..