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Fantasy Baseball: ILLZ's First Draft

I drafted my first of 3 leagues yesterday afternoon. This is my least favorite league because it's head to head, which I hate, and I don't know most of the guys that are in it. The buy-in is sizeable enough for me to care, however, so it makes up for everything else. This year I decided to go pitching and steals. It's a 12 team 6x5 league (standard 5x5 plus QS) with 4 keepers. I made the strategy decision at the end of last year and dumped Pujols, Granderson, Bay, etc. and ended up with Haren, Felix, Lester, and Ellsbury as keepers. Not a bad start if you ask me! On to the results:

1. Broxton

2. Jimenez

3. Papelbon

4. Billingsley

5. R. Soriano

6. Pierre

7. E. Cabrera

8. Garza

9. Fowler

10. Harden

11. Jenks

12. Podsednik

13. Castillo

14. Webb

15. Capps

16. Y. Molina

17. Kennedy

18. Loney

19. Crisp

20. Taveras

21. Gomez

Considering the pitching-heavy categories I don't really see any weakness barring injury problems. I should get 140 SB from my OF alone, as well as taking my share of weeks in BA and R. Pitching should be a gimme as well. If I can win every week 7-4 I'll make the playoffs and be impossible to beat, right?